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I need feedback on my choices. Did I choose the right answers to each of the 2 questions below? If not what is the correct answer for the questions that I got wrong ?

1. Dr. Schmidt studies the factors that activate and direct behavior toward an individual’s goals. Dr. Schmidt studies: This is my choice. D=Motivation

A) personality.

B) intelligence.

C) cognition.

D) motivation.******

7. “Fight-or-flight” responses entail activity of the ________ nervous system. This is my choice. Sympathetic

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    Did you not read my response to your earlier post?
    1. WHICH Dr. Schmidt. I told you what Richard's speciality is, but do you have any idea how many Dr. Schmidts there are? (As many as Dr. Smiths here.)

    We totally agree on #7/.


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    Your answer to the first one is correct.

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    Both are correct.

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