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Identify the one word or phrase that should be corrected.
1.Library visitors often find(A) that there are too few(B) staff members avialable to assist them,especially as(C) funding for libraries have been(D) cut back.
2.The children(A) had been said(B) not to go(C) near(D) tne wear.
3.The(A) little boy's mother bought him(B) a five-speeds(C) racing bicycle for his(D) birthday.
4.We looked to(A) hundreds of documents(B) before we found what(C) we were looking for(D).
5.Returning(A) home(B) from work,he was bite(C) by a dog and had to go(D) to the hospital.
I couldn't rewrite these sentences.I am not American.I am Mongolian.So I can't find these mistakes.Please help me.I give a Japanese examination after 2 days.I want to know these mistakes.

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    1.Library visitors often find that there are too few staff members available to assist them, especially as funding for libraries has been cut back.
    The word "funding" is considered singular; therefore, its verb needs to be singular, too: "has been" (not "have been").

    2.The children had been told not to go near the water.
    Be aware of the difference between the verbs "to say" and "to tell"

    3.The little boy's mother bought him a five-speed racing bicycle for his birthday.
    The hyphenated adjective doesn't need to be plural; it's not serving as a noun here.

    4.We looked at hundreds of documents before we found what we were looking for.
    Look up the difference between the prepositions "to" and "at" http://www.dictionary.com

    5.Returning home from work, he was bitten by a dog and had to go to the hospital.
    "was bitten" is the correct passive verb form here ("was bite" is not used).

    Also, be sure to put a space after every comma when you are typing.

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