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to enrich children's learning and play experiences you may borrow what from your local public library
(a)video cassette recorders
(b)slide projectors
(c)videocassette tapes

i put c am i correct

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    And don't forget to borrow lots of books. :-)

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    You really need to ask your instructor when this coursework was written. I am not sure you'd find any "videocassettes" in libraries now -- you'd need to ask for CDs and DVDs!!

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    I'd go farther than asking your instructor when this coursework was written.

    It's obvious it's way out of date and is useless today. Slides, light boxes, videocasettes? This is not preparing you for a career in early childhood education.

    I'd consider demanding a full refund for such a useless class!

    Take a similar class at your local community or junior college.

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    actually, c may not be right. Most library media carry a caevat: For home viewing only. Playing in a public setting, even an educational setting, is prohibited. Now if the school buys the tape, it can be shown. The key is : it is a lawfully made tape, and it is being viewed for educational purposes in an non for profit institution. Librarys buy tapes for home use only, so it is NOT lawful to show them anywhere else.

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