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When doing a virtual lab everything is exact, but why would they still ask for absolute and relative errors?

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    The equations and numbers may be exact; however, the answers obtained may not be the exact answer to the problem. So there will be an absolute and a relative error associated with the lab answer. I don't know what kind of virtual lab you performed; however, one such example would be the determination of percent S in Fe2S3. The mL of titrant and M of titrant are done exactly in the virtual lab but the answer obtained may be higher or lower than the actual (real) percent S.

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    I did a virtual lab on acceleration on gravity on earth. That number is 9.81 m/s ^2. I don't understand the error that could have came out of this

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    So you arrived at an answer? Was it different than 9.8066 (that number comes from Wikipedia)? If so the absolute error is (your answer - 9.8066 m/s) = ?? or

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