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A sample of serum has a mass of 54 gm and a volume of 225cm. What's the density in g/cm? I think the answer is .24g/c please correct me of I'm wrong but my ? is what would be the mass of 150 fluid ounces of this serum? What would be the volume of 1 pound of this serum?

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    150 fluid ounces is 4 262 cubiccentimeters.

    with that density, the mass would be

    mass= volume*density=4225cm^2 * 54g/225cm^3 = about a 1000 grams in my head.

    A pound? convert to grams first here:

    then, knowing the mass in grams, figure the volume by mass/density

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    A Satellite that is 4175 miles from the center of the earth,obits with a period of 90 minutes. what is its centripetal acceleration?

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    ac=v^2/r m/s
    90 mins is about 1.5 hrs, so
    17479.3 m/s^2

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    225 cm is not a volume

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