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2. Tyler pulls a box full of baby ferrets across the floor by means of a rope that is tied to the box. The rope makes an angle of 41 degrees with the horizontal and tyler pulls on the rope with a force of 60N.
a)What is the horizontal component of the force that tyler is applying?
b)If the box and ferrets have a mass of 120kg, and are on a frictionless surface, what is the acceleration of the box and ferrets?
c) if the box was traveling at 15m/s when the force was first applied, how far will the box travel in the following 8 seconds/

Please explain in very simple terms.

  • Physics -

    The horizonal component of force is 60*cos41

    b) horizontalforce=mass*horizontial acceleration
    solve for horizonal acceleration

    c) distance=vi*time+1/2 acceleration*time^2

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