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James and Steve have a contest to see who can kick a football further. James kicks the football at an angle up of 57 degrees, and a speed of 75m/s. Steve kicks the ball with a speed of 100m/s, at an angle up of 48 degrees? Who wins the contest?

Please show what each variable stands for and what equation is used. please also plug the variables into the equations.

In my class we use equation like:


  • Physics -

    The distance travelled by the ball over level ground is
    Where A is the angle measured from horizontal.
    James' distance = [(75)^2/9.8]*sin114
    = 524 m
    Steve's distance = [100)^2/9.8]*sin96
    = 1015 m
    Air resistance has been neglected.
    The distances are unrealistically long. Footballs cannot be kicked that fast or that far by humans.

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