early childhood education

posted by alana

which one of the following questions would be inappropriate to ask during an interview?
(a)do you have children of your own
(b)what do you like best about teaching young children
(c)what is one science activity that would be appropriate for four year olds
(d)what kind of punishment would you use for a child who hits

  1. Ms. Sue

    A and D are obviously inappropriate.

    Which do think is a better answer -- b or c?

  2. alana

    well i put c and i got it wrong

  3. Ms. Sue

    I think the best question is the open-ended question, b. It gives the interviewee a chance to express him/herself. The interviewer learns a lot from the answer to this question.

    I think c. is too specific. It assumes that part of the job is providing science activities for 4-year-olds. Those activities should be part of the curriculum of a preschool.

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