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3. A researcher is interested in comparing the Christian maturity level of students who volunteer for community service versus those who do not. The researcher assumes that those who perform community service will have higher Christian maturity scores. The maturity scores tend to be skewed (not normally distributed). Higher scores indicate higher Christian maturity.
No Community Service Community Service
32 47
40 48
54 59
13 72
20 80
26 55

a. What statistical test should be used to analyze these data?
b. Is this a one- or two- tailed test?
c. Identify H0 and Ha for this study
d. Conduct the appropriate analysis
e. Should H0 be rejected? What should the researcher conclude?

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    You might want to try a Mann-Whitney U Test as an nonparametric alternative to the Independent Groups T-test since the data tends to be skewed. Nonparametric tests can be used for data that do not follow a normal distribution.

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