posted by renee

• What was the role of ethnic minorities and their influence on the various arts?

Can someone help show me where I can look to find this answer. Thank you

  1. SraJMcGin

    Try some of the following links on eghnic minorities:


  2. Writeacher

    Your question puzzles me in several ways.

    1. "was" -- to what period(s) of time is this question referring?

    2. "ethnic minorities" is a relative term, depending on where a person is in the world. In most of India, anyone other than a Hindu is in the minority, no matter what his/her ethnic background is. In the US, people can be considered part of an ethnic minority if they live in Minnesota (for example) but not in Southern California.

    Please define your terms better. You won't write a decent response for this assignment unless you can clarify what this is actually asking.

  3. renee

    • What was the role of ethnic minorities and their influence on the various arts in the 20th century?

  4. Ms. Sue

    You didn't specify where these ethnic minorities were. To which ethnic minorities are you referring?

  5. Jackie


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