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Task2.Identify and choose the one word or phrase that should be corrected.
1.If(A) boss comes from(B) Moscow(C) everybody will get their(D) share(E).
2.Tom has never(A) spent his holiday(B) on the beach because(C) he(D) doesn't know to swim(E).
I don't understand this question.And what is the meaning of question?
But I think best answer is 1c and 2c.Is it right?Please tell me.If it is not right,please tell me about best answer

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    The question is asking which word in each sentence needs to be corrected. The words to choose from are indicated by a letter in parentheses after them.

    For example, in #1, the answer is (D) and here's the reason:
    Since "everybody" is the word that (D) is referring to and "everybody" is singular, then "their" needs to be made singular, too. (D) needs to be changed to "his" or "her."

    Please rethink #2. Read it aloud if you need to.

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    I think C answer is correct in #2.Is not?Why?

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    No, it's E.

    The sentence should read like this:

    Tom has never spent his holiday on the beach because he doesn't know how to swim. [The word "how" needs to be there with "to swim."]

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    I guess "to swim" could also be replaced with "swimming" but it wouldn't be a very good sentence then either.

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