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please help me, everyone!(:
1.what 3 types of land are best suited for agriculture
a. tundra, alluvial plains, and lowlands
b. swamplands, alluvial plains, and uplands
c. swamplands, forests, and steppes
d. alluvial plains,prairies,and uplands
2.e nino affects the andean region by
a. causing torrential rains
b. decreasing the temperure
c.causing the seasonal rains to come at the wrong time
d. causing drought
3.chares darwin supported the theory that agriculture developed as a result of
d.population growth
4.wall paintings from etruscan tombs depict asociety that was seemingly
a.simple and didn't depict the human form
b.sexually open
c.segregated with respect to gender
d.astere and sexually repressed
5.which of the following is true regaurding early agricultural societies?
a. diseases became less of a problem
b.the diet became more varied
c.the food became more reliable and economic exploitation increased
pleze, pleze help me out- its important thet i get these in less than 30 miniutes-so please help me!

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    I'll be glad to HELP you. Post YOUR answers, and I'll check them for you.

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    umm... 3.charles darwin supported evolution,2.el nina is torrental rains, 1.d?,4.a?, and 5. of course is probably d. because the more the social network got started the economic sales probably shot way up?

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    1. is definatly c. right?

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