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My earlier question needed some clarification.
I'm writing a monologue on a marginilised To Kill A Mockingbird character, I am doing Aunt Alexandra.

During my monolouge I made two statements from Aunt Alexandra's pov.
The first is that Aunt Alexandra tells Atticus he needs to choose if he is one of them and the second is that AUnt Alexandra claims the Finches are being thought of almost as badly as the Ewells.

I'm not sure if these are statements that Aunt Alexandra would make. Are these thoughts that she would have or not? See I think AA would say the first but I'm not sure about the second.

Any help would be appreciated

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    I think both of your statements fit just fine.

    Read through these and notice the references to AA -- you'll be more confident when you do!

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    Thank-you very much!

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    You're very welcome. =)

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    You could talk about how Aunt Alexandra changes throughout the novel, from a mean lady to a more comforting and caring lady of the Maycomb community

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    how is mayella ewell presented

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