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The formula T=2π√L/480 can be used to find the period (T in seconds, the time it takes a pendulum to complete one cycle) of a pendulum that is L cm long.
(a)Rewrite this formula using rational exponents. Don't forget to rationalize the denominator.
(b)Solve the formula for L.

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    I think you mistyped 980

    T=2PI (L/980)^.5

    to solve for L, square both sides first.

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    a. T = 2pi*sqrt(L/980).
    Square both sides:
    T^2 = 4(pi)^2(L/980).

    b. Multiply both sides by 980/4(pi)^2:
    980T^2/4(pi)^2 = L.

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    Thanks Henry and bobpursley for replying. Now the question makes sense :-)

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