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whats the fastest and most easiest way to find all the subsets in a given set?

  • algebra -

    use 2 as the base!, 2 raise to the power of n, where n is the number of elements in a set.

  • algebra -

    The power set is the set of all possible subsets of a given set of cardinality n (contains n elements). The power set has a cardinality of 2^n.

    To find the all elements of the power set of a given set A, we start with the null set, and add one element at a time.
    {∅,a, b,{a,b}}
    {∅,a, b,{a,b}, c,{a,c},{b,c},{a,b,c}}
    and so on.

    We see that the introduction of each element of A doubles the number of subsets, hence the total number of 2^n.

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