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Could you please check these sentences?
Thank you very much.

1) Finally, an albatross came through the fog and was greeted as if it had been a Christian soul.
2)The albatross ate food it had never eaten before and flew round the ship . The ice split as the sound of thunder and the helmsman steered them through.
3) A good South wind arose behind the ship. The albatross followed them for nine nights while the white Moon glimmered through a white smokey fog.
4) The narrator interrupts the description and begs God to save the mariner from the fiends that plague him. He continues his story saying that the mariner shot the albatross with his crossbow.
5) Mr Gradgrind is and educator who believes in facts and statistics, who has founded a school where his theories are taught. In particular, he is teaching his schoolchildren the importance of facts.
6) In chapter two of Hard Times, for example, he picks on a new pupil, calling her "girl number twenty". Then he asks his pupils for her name and she replies her name is Sissy Jupe.

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    1. OK

    2. What is "them"?

    3. No capital on the 3rd word or the word "moon."

    4. OK

    5. 4th word is "an" and put "and" in place of the comma. 2nd sentence is OK.

    6. OK

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