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Use matrices to solve the system. (If the system has infinitely many solutions, express your answer in terms of c, where x = x(c), y = y(c), and z = c. If the system has no solution, enter NONE for each answer.)

x-2y+2z= -1
3y+z= -17

ive done tons of these but this one is giving me a bit of trouble.. please help!

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    Is your augmented matrix correct ?

    5 2 -1 | 2
    1 -2 2 | -1
    0 3 1 | -17

    I don't know which matrix method you are supposed to use.
    e.g. Gauss-Jordan ? or .....

    hard to line up matrices nicely on this forum.

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    yes but i still don't get the answer!!!

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    x=1, y=-4, z=-5

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