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How did the CPR employment practices discriminate agnst Chinese workers? Why do you suppose Chinese railway workers decided to remain separated from the other workers?

They were paid 1 dollar a day for the work they did, which was less than half the salary paid to white workers. The CPR was racist towards the Chinese, and didn’t have good working conditions.

I suppose because they didn’t want to hear any nasty remarks about themselves from those workers.
Have i got it right? And why else suppose?

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    You're right.

    The other workers made fun of the Chinese and at times were violent toward them.

    By the way -- the same thing happened to the Chinese railroad workers in the U.S.

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    Poor those chinese people, when did they actually get accepted?

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    Have you ever wondered why San Francisco and Vancouver have the two largest "China Towns" in North America?

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    Oh and I'll add, they also did more heavy work than the white people, which the white people avoided.

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    Oh yeah! That explains everything =D Thanks Reiny =)

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