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Find (if possible) the trig function of the quadrant angle.

sec 3pi/2

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    well, it is .... 270 cosine of 0 is 1, cosine 90 is 0, cosine 180 is -1, cosine 270 is o, so sec = 1/cosine= undetermined...

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    At 3π/2, a rotating arm ends up on the negative y-axis (270°)
    If we consider a unit circle, then the terminal arm ends up at (0,-1), that is,
    x=0, y = -1, r = 1

    cos (3π/2) = 0/1 = 0
    so sec(3π/2) = 1/cos(3π/2) = 1/0
    which would be undefined.

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