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Thank you very much. Could you please check if the answer to question is grammatical?

1) At the beginning of the voyage the ship is caught in a storm then by mist and snow and finally is surrounded by ice. The storm is represented as a huge bird, chasing the ship with its large wings.
2) It is presented(I need a synonym) through the device of personification by adjectives and verbs referring to human actions or the animal world.
3) The elements emphasized are mist and snow, but especially ice, which is the dominant presence, creating an atmosphere of mystery and tension.
4) The ice is first connoted as a magic element and suddenly turns into a dangerous creature. It makes deep, very loud noises. The floating blocks of ice are said to send a mysterious sheen.
5) The fact that it surrounds the ship can be interpreted as a symbol of paralysis reinforced by the mist which increases the atmosphere of uncertainty and mystery.

When I list the natural elements, shall I include the albatross, too?

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    1. "then by" = what about "first by...?"

    2. Didn't I give you my synonym dictionary? It's SO handy.
    Now, look up "presented" and you'll find:
    13 different senses, all with synonyms.

    I wouldn't as it is not air, fire, etc.


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