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In act two of the crucible
1 One of the chief conflicts established in Act Two is between
A. John Proctor and Ezekiel Cheever
B. Elizabeth Proctor and Mary Warren
C. John Proctor and John Hale
D. John and Elizabeth Proctor
i chose A

2. what does elizabeth ask proctor to do?
a. fire mary warren b. go to church more reguraly c. speak to Abigail for her sake d. grant her a divorce
i chose c

3. which becomes apparent during the course of ACT two? a. most people in Salem find the accusers uncreditable. b. more and more women are being arrested for witchcraft c. Hale wil realize the error of his way d. elizabeth will be set free after the hearing
i chose c

4. which information does elizabeth not report to john? a. the court has accused fourteen people of witchcraft b. the court has condemned Sara Osburn to be hanged. c.the crowd parts for Abigail like the sea for the Israelites. d. Mary warren describes Abigail as though Abigail were a saint
i chose A

5. During this act, Mary Warren has become a. meeker b. honest c. bolder d. independent
i chose C

6. why does proctor say he is reluctant to go to salem and tell what Abigail said to him? a. he thinks it will be difficult to prove abigail is lying b.he does not want to side with Gile Corey c. he is afraid of losing his farm d. he is afraid Mary Warren will no longer work for them
i chose A

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    If you haven't done it already you might like to check some of the following sites:



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    WELL I HAVE ALOT FROM SPARKNOT, CLIFFNOTES, SHMOOP. but these questions are confusing .. i am not sure of the answers .. will u be able to correct my answers plz?

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    read alot**

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