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Could you please check these adjectives referring to personality? Thank you very much.

1) I'm outgoing, sensible, sincere, touchy and hard-working.
2) I'm quite confident about myself.
I'm anxious about next week's biology test.
3) If I were you, I'd study harder/I'm appy myself more. Otherwise you'll have to take a make-up exam in August.
4) I'm embarrassed at having to ask my father for money.
I'm embarrassed at the way he treats me.
5) I'm interested in any kind of sport.
I'm disgusted by the soup.
6) I'm happy/delightful/content/satisfied/pleased with my exam result.
7) I'm anxious/worried about his health.

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    I'm appy myself more = ??

    delighted (not delightful)

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