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What's a synonym for the word 'pantheon' where it applies to all the gods of a religion, say Ancient Egyptian?


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    I don't know that there's a synonym. The thesaurus's entry seems to lean heavily on a religious building, rather than the belief system:

    Other than "pantheon" the only thing I can think of is "a multiple-deity belief system."

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    You might like one of my favorite synonym/antonym, Thesaurus dictionaries but "pantheon" is not there:


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    P.S. "temple" is what I'd use. It was originally built as a church. (in Rome)


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    Hmmm, I wasn't taking it as a building, based on what you put in your question. If you are referring to a building, then use the information Sra gave you. If, however, you are referring to the belief system, then you mean "pantheism" not "pantheon."

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