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The following equilibrium concentrations were observed for the Haber process at 127 oC:

[NH3] = 3.1 x 10-2 mol L-1
[N2] = 8.5 x 10-1 mol
[H2] = 3.1 x 10-3 mol

Calculate the value of K at 127 oC for this reaction

  • chem help!! -

    for the concentrations I meant
    [NH3] = 3.1 x 10^-2 mol
    [N2] = 8.5 x 10^-1 mol
    [H2] = 3.1 x 10^-3 mol

  • chem help!! -

    Concentration is not measured in moles.

  • chem help!! -

    I meant mol/L^-1 or whatever the unit is. That's what the question had.

    Umm can you please help me with this question?

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