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What changes would you make to the below paper?

The Dark Knight was the most popular film of 2008. Unlike most popular summer movies it was also considered to be a quality film and was thought to be a contender to earn an academy award nomination. Ultimately that honor was not bestowed on the film, but it’s popularity and ability to elevate the comic book film, which is rarely associated with quality storytelling, remain.
The film is a continuation of the direction that Batman Begins took. It showed a darker version of Batman than the one seen in the Timothy Burton and Joel Shumacher films. The core unit responsible for Batman Begins also made The Dark Knight. Specifically the director, Christopher Nolan, the writer David S. Goyer and the stars such as Christian Bale, Gary Oldmand, and Michael Caine all played a role in both of the films with the only exception being Maggie Gyllenhall replacing Katie Holmes and Heath Ledger playing the Joker in one of his last roles, which will be remembered as an excellent performance and one which earned him an academy award after he had passed away.
What makes The Dark Knight fairly unique among comic book movies is the focus on acting and storytelling. The acting is impressive across the boards. Bale, Oldman, Ledger, Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Aaron Eckhardt all excel in their roles. Unlike most comic book movies the actors are given moments to showcase their acting abilities.
The cinematography followed the look established in Batman Begins by using subdued colors, lots of darkness and a more restrained visual style than the one seen in the late 80s and 90s. In many ways the new style of the two more recent Batman films can be seen as an attempt, which at this point must be considered succesful, to distance the franchise from the negative connotations that Batman and Robin had.
Wikipedia wrote the following about the film: It was greeted with positive reviews upon release, and became only the second film to earn more than $500 million at the North American box office, setting numerous other records in the process. It is also the fourth highest grossing film worldwide and only the fourth film to earn more than $1 billion, worldwide.
In conclusion, I hope that you have enjoyed this paper and take the opportunity to see the movie soon. You will enjoy it.

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    What changes do you think should be made to this paper?

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    I just wrote this paper so I do not think it needs any changes. I was wanting someone to proof read it.

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    Do. Not. Plagiarize.

    Ms. Sue is telling you that you have plagiarized in "your" paper, and that's not acceptable.

    If you are not clear on what plagiarism is and how NOT to plagiarize from a source, read through this entire webpage from Capital Community College in Connecticut:
    (Broken Link Removed)

    All of it. Including the examples.


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    Joseph, it's best that you find out now that this is not acceptable -- and then write YOUR OWN paper, in YOUR OWN words, so that your instructor won't nail you for plagiarism.

    Whenever I received papers from students with plagiarized content, they earned themselves a zero on that paper -- and if any student did that a second time, he/she earned an F in the class. We are hoping that you'll learn from this and write your own work -- and not put yourself in a bad position with your instructor and school.

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