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Could you please check these sentences, please? I'm not sure about the rephrase.

1)In the first stanza the poet remembers wondering aimlessly and alone in the countryside. All at once he was amazed by the sight of a crowd of daffodils dancing ad fluttering in the breeze. They are presented not as static like in a painting but as alive with motion.
2) They lay beside the lake, beneath the trees.
3) In the second stanza the daffodils are presented as continuous as the stars in the milky way since they strech in never-ending line (I don't know how to rephrase this)
4) They tossed their heads in sprightly dance and outdid the waves in glee.
5) The sight of the flowers brings the poet delight but he realizes it only afterwards when memory brings back the scene (when he recollect the scene through memory; is it possible?)

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    1. comma needed; wandering (not "wondering"); and (not "ad); "They are presented not statically as in a painting, but alive with motion."

    2. OK

    3. comma needed; portrayed (not "presented"); stretch (not strech) "in a never-ending line"

    4. OK

    5. comma needed; yes, what you have in parentheses is possible, but the other wording is better.

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