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I discover a new island as I'm travelling. I am the first to discover the land so I am granted a right to own it and I can establish my own nation there. There is a lot to this project. And I'm wondering if you could suggest a good name for this paradise. I had "Rocky Paradise". But that's just too simple.

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    Shangri La?


    Elyssian Fields?

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    Those are good. But I want a name that hasn't been created yet.

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    Many places are named after their founders or discoverers. How about a variation of your name?

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    This is something random I came up with: Marizondai

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    Thank you:D

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    You're welcome. Enjoy your project. It sounds like fun.

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    Yeah it does. I will be doing a layout of this project to attract customers, because I have made my own business in this island, so I have to answer questions like "who would be able to own private property". But I think I may have a tough time on the questions because I can't get them into my head. I have no idea who would be able to own private property. I was going to say farmers, but I really don't know.

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    Some choices --

    Everyone who has the money
    Everyone, whether they have money or not
    Only white males over 30
    Only females (I like this one <g>)

    It's basically your choice, reflecting the philosophy you want to project on your island.

    Btw -- if you own your own business -- you would own property -- and I assume you're not a farmer.

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    Thank you so much for the ideas Ms. Sue. I like the "only females" one too:D
    Okay. I'll think of more thanks for the startup. Then I'll post the whole thing on here for you to view.:)

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