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(give the syllable pattern only) legal, cedar, about, elect, frozen

__________ (give the syllable pattern only) batter, hoodwink, lectern, lesser

__________ (give the syllable pattern only) noble, puzzle, kettle, bugle

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    What patterns are you referring to?

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    I'm not sure I'm sorry that's why I was hoping for some help. When I looked up it on the internet it had things such as cvc which is what I put for the first one but now I need help with the other two if that is what it is referring to.

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    It could be by sound, that is stressed and unstressed.

    It could be by spelling combinations (long vowels, combo consonants, diphthongs, etc.).

    I find no pattern to the first set.

    In the second and third sets, the first syllable of each word is stressed and the second is unstressed.

    In the third set, each word ends with a consonant and -le (if that means anything).

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