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***Is this done correctly?

Write some examples of sentences that change the meaning of a word by using different modifiers?

Eventually I realized what they were talking about.

My grandmother is a very sweet woman.

The man was extremely tall.

It was freezing cold outside this morning.

Lately I have been feeling tired.

We quickly loaded all the kids in the basement for fear of the dreadful storms about to hit our town.

The storm slowly passed by us; however, we were still in for some rain and hail.

The reporter briefly talked about the damage that was done by the storms.

I gently put all the breakable glass on the top shelf, out of the reach of the curious children.

  • Grammar -

    These sentences are all fine, but I don't understand how the instructions sentence applies to all this.

  • Grammar -

    You haven't changed any meanings by using different modifiers.

    I think these are examples of what the teacher expects.

    The frail old woman slowly walked to the door.
    The sprightly young woman quickly walked to the door.

    Jennifer always does her homework.
    Jennifer occasionally does her homework.
    Jennifer does not do her homework.

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