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Are these well written sentences?

1. When I am writing, my words need to construct a clear picture for my readers.

2. I will avoid using slang in my writing.

3. Using irrelavant words, is one error I need to change in my writing.

4. I need to use a dictionary while I am writing, so that I can look up unfamiliar words.

5. It's important that I study the meanings and spellings of words that are confusing to me.

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    Only one of the three commas you used is needed. Do you know which one?

    All else is fine.

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    4. I need to use a dictionary while I am writing, so that I can look up unfamiliar words.

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    The comma in #1 is correct. The others are not.

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    Thank you! I just caught that when I was rewriting that sentence.

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    I am still confused about the comma here. I thought you use a comma before for, and, or, so, but, nor, and yet?

    4. I need to use a dictionary while I am writing, so that I can look up unfamiliar words.

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    ... but not before "so that" -- when the conjunction is one of the FANBOYS, then the clauses are both independent, and a comma and COORDINATING conjunction is needed.

    However, "so that" is a SUBORDINATING conjunction -- a very different thing.

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    Okay, I get it now. Thank you for your help.

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    Oh, good! You're very welcome.

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