Mrs.Sue please help!!!

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It says in my competency goal 1 to establish and maintain a safe,healy learning environment. This is what i put.

To provide a safe enviroment for infants you must make sure there are no small toys that the kids can choke on. You also need to make sure that the toys that have sharp pointed edges are picked up so that the kids don't hurt themselves.You must never take your eyes off of the kids because they need you to bethere for their every need. To have a healthy enviroment you must make sure thay the area they are playing in is sanitary. Where there are no germs. Also make sure everybody including teachers and kids wash their hands after do something like going to the bathroom and plying outside, Also if the child is sick they don't need to be there so they don't spread germs.

  • Mrs.Sue please help!!! -

    This is fine -- except you have a sentence fragment.

    The last sentence has a pronoun-antecedent error.

    By the way, there are germs everywhere, even a few in a sterile operating room.

  • Mrs.Sue please help!!! -

    ok so is that what they are looking for?

  • Mrs.Sue please help!!! -


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