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    Will someone please check my answers? 1. Multiply. (a^+2ab-b^2)(a^2-7ab+b^2) my answer:a^4-5a^3b-14a^2b^2+8ab^3-b^4 2. Simplify. (p^6)^2 ________ P^8 my answer:p^4 No, you got the first wrong. Recheck . Yes on second.
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    Is this correct? subtract (4a^3+2b^3)-(6a^3+5a^2b-2ab^2+2b^3) answer: -2a^3-5a^2b+2ab^2
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    Find the sum. Express your answer in simplest form. (14a^2 / 2b) + (3a / 2b) a) 14a^2 + 3a / 4b b) 11a^2 /2b c) 14a^2 + 3a / 2b d) 11 / 2b
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    combine like terms (simplify) 11/14a-1/15b+1/14a-11/15b
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    combine like terms 11/14a-1/15b+1/14a-11/15b
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    original question 11/14a - 1/15b + 1/14a - 11/15b is this answer correct 12/14a + 12/15b
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    State whether the following equations are sometimes, always or never true. a) a^2-2ab-b^2= (a-b)^2, bis not equal to 0 b) a^2+ b^2= (a+b)(a+b) c) a^2-b^2= a^2-2ab+b^2 d) (a=b)^2 = a^2+2ab+b^2 I don't understand what these questions …

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