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Are there any good journal articles on Akhenatens personal aims? What he hoped to achieve.

So far all I have is one sentance in a book saying he wanted to do away with the power of the priests of Amun.

This is really urgent. My state library is offline and not responding so I can't get on any databases through there which SUCKS because it had JSTOR and everything.

  • Ancient History URGENT Akhenaten -

    Another really good place to search when you cannot access your library's databases is this:

    Also this: (Look for full texts here, not just reviews.)

  • Ancient History URGENT Akhenaten -

    I tried there but I didn't come up with much.

    Thanks for your help but are there any other places I could try?

  • Ancient History URGENT Akhenaten -

    Just about anything else will come up with JSTOR and other sites like that. If you find any JSTOR sources via Google or Bing or any other search engine, you should be able to use your library's username and password to get in, right?

    There's also this:
    Try different links here -- in all five lists.

    And don't forget Wikipedia -- don't use the actual article, but go all the way to the bottom of the webpage(s) for the external links and references they list for just about every article they write.

    For this particular king, use these search words:

    monotheism Akhenaten

    egypt dynasty Akhenaten

    egypt empire Akhenaten


    One of the things that happened (which would be good in a conclusion) is that because he was so focused on the priests and religion, etc., his kingdom began to fall apart. Different peoples around the edges of the kingdom were fighting back and starting to win! He was looking so far inward, that he wasn't paying attention to the WHOLE kingdom.

  • Ancient History URGENT Akhenaten -

    Thank-you very much! This is a great help. I found that Edward F Wente and Donald B Redford tended to say that as well.

    My assignment is to do with how he used his pharonic power to influence religion.

    Do you know of any places that can help me confirm Akhenatens distrust of the power of the priests of Aten?

    I think that Akhenaten was detrimental to Egyptian religion and culture. That he didn't leave much of a legacy and didn't do all the things a typical New Kingdom pharoah did.

    He was a bit odd...

  • Ancient History URGENT Akhenaten -

    Oh, for sure!!

    If I'm remembering right, he destroyed quite a lot of other temples, lots of artwork (that we today would prize), etc., AND after his death, many of the things he had built and done were also destroyed (not that he had done a whole lot). You'd need to research that, though, to use the idea. It's one reason why we find little left from his reign.

  • Ancient History URGENT Akhenaten -

    True, I found that he destroyed any reference to Amun, even names of other pharoahs.
    I think it was interesting that he obliberated all other imagery and practices regarding the other gods. Even burial practices changed to omit traditional afterlife gods!

    If it had lasted it would have been interesting to see how it turned out.

    I saw in the tomb of Ay the man and the womens face were continually cut out.

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