Louis Riel--Sentenced!!

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Many individuals thought that Riel should be executed and many others thought that he should have been freed.

I have to pretend I am Macdonald, and have to analyze the possible effects of each of the following outcomes.

Outcome: Absolute Discharge

Possible Effects for Macdonald
( Don't know what to put under this)
I don't think Macdonald was ever on Riel's side, although he has supported him somehow.

Like what am I supposed to put under these headings?

Lengthy prison term(10 yrs)

Life in Prison

Life in an insane Asylum


Permanent Exile

  • Louis Riel--Sentenced!! -

    Could you please help me get started on this?

  • Louis Riel--Sentenced!! -

    Outcome: Life in Prison

    Possible effects for Macdonald
    -Won't have to worry about Macdonald causing more trouble.
    -Relieved to know that Riel has not been killed and that his supporters are not mad.

    This is really hard. Please help me get started.

  • Louis Riel--Sentenced!! -

    Look at this situation from Macdonald's point of view. He's the leader of Canada and most of its citizens are of British or French descent. Far, far away in the west, the Metis are rebelling with Riel as one of their most influential leaders. As far as the government in Ottawa, including Macdonald, is concerned, Riel was committing treason by physically opposing Canada's legal government.

    If Riel is let loose to go free, Macdonald would think that other rebels would also commit violent, treasonous acts.

    If Riel is sent to prison, would the Metis try to help him escape? Would there be prison riots?

    Continue on like this -- imagining you're Macdonald.

  • Louis Riel--Sentenced!! -

    Yeah I just wasn't sure what it meant by list possible effects for Macdonald. Are these just questions or are they sentences?

    Okay I'll give it a shot, cause I understand what you are saying, but I just don't know how to put them in words.

    Outcome: Absolute Discharge

    Possible Effects for Macdonald
    -Will be in worry of Macdonald trying to do other treasonous acts as well as the other rebels.
    -There could be rebellions
    -Riel could take over the country
    -Riel could destroy the Canadian government.

    Outcome: Lengthy Prison Term(10yrs)

    Possible Effects for Macdonald
    -Won't have to take tension about Riel doing crimes

    Outcome: Life in Prison

    Possible Effects for Macdonald
    -Won't have to face the Metis, since they wont be sad cause Riel hasn't been executed, and happy to know Riel is in prison, and that hes not dead.

    Outcome: Life in an Insane Asylum

    Possible effects for Macdonald
    -No good treatment
    -The people at the asylum could harm Riel

    Outcome: Execution

    Possible Effects for Macdonald
    -Face the harshness of the Metis
    -disagreements going on
    -will have to endure the cruel words of Riels supporters

    Outcome: Permanent Exile--What does that mean? That they send Riel far away from where he has caused trouble and that he can never ever come back again?

    Possible Effects for Macdonald
    -In stress and worry on whether Riel will do something bad again
    -He could have a plan made where he lives in order to overtake Canada.

  • Louis Riel--Sentenced!! -

    These look pretty good.

    You're right about permanent exile. He'd be sent out of Canada and would never be allowed to return.

    Another possibility is that if Riel were executed, then he'd become a martyr. And isn't that exactly what happened? Isn't Riel considered a hero? He fought the government and then it hanged him.

  • Louis Riel--Sentenced!! -

    Yeah okay thanks so much for the help. I'll work on this, and hopefully will be able to add more stuff. May I ask for your opinion, are you on Riel's side or not? Because many others believe that Riel was a villian, but if he were a villain, he would have made better plans to take over the country, but he chose not to, and told everyone that he was guilty of his crimes and that he only did this for his people, to make them achieve some respect.

    Another thing I don't get is that why do people call Riel insane? He never acted insane, he just acted normal and told his feelings.

  • Louis Riel--Sentenced!! -

    My sympathies are with the Metis and Riel.

    But you have to remember that at that time in both Canada and the U.S., Native Americans and "half-breeds" were considered inferior to those with European ancestry. The "whites" firmly believed that it was their right to take over the continent and make it civilized and Christian. Anyone who stood in their way, they believed, deserved to be killed. That was the way it was!

  • Louis Riel--Sentenced!! -

    Yay! Another supporter, and yes you are right about the white people being more inferior than the Native/Europeans. I would be too scared speak up for my right, because I would really not want to become their prey.

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