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I included my doubts in short sentences. Thank you.

1) What/how do you call a woman's suit made up of a jacket and a pair of trousers? I don't really know.
2) How do you call very short socks, which are completely hidden by the shoes and are usually worn in the summer? I don't really know.
3) What time are you going to the cinema (at? is a mistake if you put it at the end of the question?)
4)The Skaters usually wear large zip-up hoodies, baggy jeans and big skater (??) shoes or Nike sneakers.
5) He is known to be the man who cut the rope. (Is the passive OK?)

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    1. It's called a business suit, especially if it has a jacket and skirt, but jacket and pants, too. Sometimes the suit with pants/trousers is also called a pantsuit.

    2. My granddaughters refer to those socks as liners. The ones that can be seen are either anklets or knee-highs, depending on how high up the leg they go.

    3. Yes, "at" is not needed.

    4. For clarity, I'd spell them "skater-shoes" -- or "Nike sneakers" (no hyphen needed).

    5. It's fine, yes.

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    Different heights of socks!!

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