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Geometry -need help

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A cylinder flower pot with open top needs to be painted. The height is 9 inches and radius is 3 inches. If it takes Troy 5 minutes to paint 40 square inches, how long to the minute will it take him to paint the outside of the flower pot.
I came up with 141.3 total sq inches
answer should be 25 minutes but I don't get that??

  • Geometry -need help -

    recall that the surface area of cylinder is given by
    SA = 2πr^2 + 2πrh
    r = radius
    h = height
    π = "pi" equal to 3.14 (constant)
    SA = 2*(3.14)*3^2 + 2*(3.14)*3*9
    SA = 226.08 in^2

    then we divide this by his speed, 40 in^2/5 min:
    226.08 / 8 = 28.26 minutes

    hope this helps~ :)
    and multiply this by 5

  • Geometry -need help -

    thank you

  • Geometry -need help -

    A wood board, 75 inches long, was cut on three pieces.
    Every next piece is 5 inches longer tham the previous.
    How long is the first piece?
    Assign x for the length of the first piece,
    create an equation and find x.

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