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Why was president Johnson impeached and do you think it was the right action to take?
* I have to write a paragraph on this and was wondering if someone could explain it a little better to me because from what im reading it says the impeachment didn't work because they didn't have enough votes and he chose to not run again.......thanks

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    Most sources agree with the final vote that he should not be evicted from office. However here is one that thinks the impeachment effort should have won:

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    Here is the concluding paragraph on the subject:

    " The debate continues as to whether Johnson should have been convicted. David Stewart argues, and I agree, that Johnson deserved to be removed from office, but not for the arguable offense of violating the Tenure of Office Act or for being a blowhard. Instead, Johnson should have been convicted because he seriously undermined efforts to improve the lot of the country's newly freed slaves and because he stood idly by, and provided not a finger of federal assistance, even when ex-slaves were being slaughtered on southern highways. Johnson was a confrontational and insensitive president at a time when the nation desperately needed someone to heal the nation's wounds--someone like Abraham Lincoln. "
    By the way I disagree with this source. Although he was a nasty man and poor president as stated, he was actually impeached for violating a blatantly unconstitutional law, and therefore the actual charges against him were silly.

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