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A box containing Munchkins contains chocolate and glazed donut holes. If Gloria ate 2 chocolate Munchkins, then 1/11 of the remaining Munchkins would be chocolate. If Gloria added 4 glazed Munchkins to the box, 1/7 of the Munchkins would be chocolate. How many Munchkins are in the original box?

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    If Gloria added 4 glazed Munchkins to the box, the proportion of chocolate increased from 1/11 to 1/7?
    You will get negative numbers as answers.

    Below, I assume you have switched the two proportions between 1/11 and 1/7.
    If my guess proves to be wrong, the solution method remains the same.

    G = glazed
    C = chocolate

    7(C-2) = G + C-2
    11(C-2) = G+4 + C-2


    6C-G =12
    10C-G = 24

    Solve for G and C to get
    G=6, C=3

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