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I am pretty much clueless with this but would like some help the question i have been given is........How many terms are in the expansion of (a+b+c)^5 after like terms have been combined? Please help me all the way through it if you can. Thankyou

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    The number of terms in a multinomial expansion of m terms raised to the nth power is equal to C(n+m-1,n).

    In the present case,
    n=5, m=3, so

    In the same vein, you may be interested to know that the individual coefficients for the terms
    a^p*b^q*c^r (where p+q+r=n)
    For example, the term a²b²c
    has p=2,q=2,r=1
    so the coefficient is

    For more interesting facts, see:

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