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A triangle has side lengths of (x+4), (4x-8), and (2x+8) units. If the perimeter of the triangle is at least 88 units, what is the minimum length of each side of the triangle?

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    The length of each side can be calculated by the distance formula.
    For example, between (x+4) and (4x-8), the distance is:
    Sum the three sides and force the inequality of
    Solve for x.

    Note that the sides of the triangle are monotonically increasing, which means that the sum is also.

    You can solve by an iterative process. I get x(min)=13.55...
    So the lengths of each side can be calculated accordingly.

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    x+4 + 4x-8 + 2x+8 ≥ 88
    7x + 4 ≥ 88
    7x ≥ 84
    x ≥ 12

    plug x = 12 into each of the side expressions

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    Thanks Reiny, I wasn't reading the question right!
    Sorry, Ashley, please go with Reiny's answer.

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