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I have selected the five questions I was unsure of.

1) In 1945 the Labour Party came to power and introduced the welfare state, a system of social services organized and paid for by the government.
2) The National Insurance Scheme was set up in 1946 to give financial help to the poor and the elderly. The National Health Service followed in 1948 providing free medical care for all.
3) In 1979 Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first female Prime Minister. Her term lasted 11 years.
4) During her right wing Conservative Government many economic changes were made, namely:
economies in public services to save on public spending
closing of industries such as mines and dockyards because they were unprofitable
privatization of several state-owned industries
limitation of Trade Union power

  • English -

    1. OK

    2. OK if you put a comma after "1948."

    3. comma needed - otherwise, OK.

    4. You should omit the word "namely" since the colon tells the reader that a list of specifics is next. Put the list into the sentence and separate the parts of the list with semicolons.

    Nice job!

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