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I left out the following sentences.I hope you can have a look at them.

1) Can you change this 100-Euro note into two 50-Euro notes, please?
2) I was last in the hospital when I had my tonsils and adenoids out/when I was operated on my knee.
3) April is described as the cruellest month since it stirs the dull roots of flowers and trees out of their winter sleep.
4) Winter is better because it keeps everything warm under the snow. Spring mixes memory of the past winter, when the vegetation is covered by forgetful snow, with the desire for a new life.
5) When is he due to be discharged from hospital?
6) I'm not going to put off your Maths test just because you'll have two tests on the same day.
7) We'll draw lot to determine who is going to be tested next time.
I'm going to look for my tennis racket in the cupbaord.

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    Did you read my other post? Go through all sentences in this post and the last one -- choose the 5 (or fewer) that you are TRULY unsure of.

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