Spanish 7th grade-Could someone help me, please?

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I have a question
Is the Dia del Santo a day that people celebrate a kind of second birthday.

I think that is false because that is a day they celebrate because they share a saint's name, correct and not a second birthday

  • Spanish 7th grade-Could someone help me, please? -

    Yah dude your right it literally says "the day of the saint" what it means in Mexico, is that it derived from the Catholic Church, you did not celebrate your birth date, but your saint's day. You were given the name of a saint or the name of the saint that was honored on your birthdate.

  • Spanish 7th gradePlease check SraJMcGin-Could someone help me, please? -

    Could you please check the above answer-

  • Spanish 7th grade-Could someone help me, please? -

    Aha! Having a Saint's Day means that you can celebrate twice = once for your birthday and one on your Saint's Day!


  • Spanish 7th gradeSraJMcGin I'm still confused-Could someone help me, please? -

    But I'm still confused-then is it a kind of second birthday?

    Thank you

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