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Advance Algebra (Graphing)

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I need help finding the asymptotes, and domain of these two graphs..
1) 1/x^2
Vertical Asym.:?
Horizontal asym.: y=0

2) x^2/1
Vertical Asym.:?
Horizontal asym.: none


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    The answers for the horizontal asymptotes are correct.

    Hints for the remainder:
    1. All polynomials have a domain of R, or (-∞,∞).
    2. Horizontal asymptotes are finite values to which the function approaches when x→±∞.
    3. Vertical asymptotes for a rational function (i.e. polynomials in both numerator and denominator) occur when the denominator equals zero.
    4. The domain of a rational function is therefore (-&infin,∞)-points at which vertical asymptotes occur.

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