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Chemistry 12

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a. Using Le Chatelier's principle, what effect will an increase of temperature have on the following system?
H2O(l) + 57 kJ ↔ H+(aq) + OH-(aq)

b. What is the expression for the constant for this reaction?

c. What effect will an increase in temperature have on the value of the constant? Why?

d. Justify the following statement: "A decrease in temperature decreases the value of Kwater"

5. What is the concentration of H+ in a solution containing 73.0 g of HCl in 0.5 L of water?

6. What is the [H+] of a solution obtained by adding 0.10 g of KOH to 1.0 L of water?

7. What are [H+] and [OH-] for 0.01 M perchloric acid?

a. If [OH-] in a solution is 10-4 M, what is [H+]?

b. If 1500 mL of water is added to 500 mL of this solution, what will [H+] and [OH-] be?

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