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Advanced algebra

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How do i simplify this complex fraction?

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    according to the order of operation,
    in a chain of division, you divide from left to right, in the order in which the division occurs.
    13÷2÷6÷4 = .25
    = 12*(1/2)*(1/6)*(1/4) = .25

    so How do i simplify this complex fraction?
    = (x+3) (1/(3x^2)(1/6x^2)(1/(x+3)^2
    = 1/(18x^4(x+3))

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    Isn't there a different method you're sposed to use? like finding a common denominator? im thankful that your helping me but all those number got a little confusing... what if i said it looked more like this
    the dash mark is a division symbol... this is what it looks like on my paper.

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    You don't need common denominators in division or multiplication.

    If the fraction is written as a staggered layer of expressions, the division bar should have different length to establish the order of division.

    If all the bars are the same length, then the simplification I used above is valid

    In other words, the longest bar determines the prime division.

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