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How do I find the area of a trapazoid with side lenghts 6 & 7, bottom 17 and top 10.
I know the perimeter is 40.
Now I need the area.

  • Geometry -

    draw the trap ABCD where AD=10,DC = 7, BC=17 and BA = 6

    Draw AE parallel to DC, then AE=7 and BE = 7
    We now have a parallelogram and a triangle.

    Let's find angle AEB which is also angle C , call it Ø
    by cosine law in triangle ABE
    6^2 = 7^2 + 7^2 - 2(7)(7)cosØ
    cosØ = .632653
    Ø = 50.75386°

    area = triangle + parallelogram
    = (1/2)(7)(7)sin 50.75386 + (10)(7)sin50.75386
    = 73.184

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