posted by ajay

imelda knows a lot about the story of the gold rush of 1849. she wants to know more about how individual people felt and acted during that time

what type of passage should she read first?

narrative expository

would it be a Narrative?

because narrative tells a story or account of events, experiences, or the likes

  1. SraJMcGin

    Is this about a specific piece of literature? If so, you should name that first - title and author. As for what type of passage she should read first, what are the other choices?


  2. ajay

    No, the question wants to know if she should read a narrative or expository passage on the information it's a homework question I wanted to know if the answer is narrative

  3. Writeacher

    I already told you (earlier this morning) what each of those types of writing are for:

    They haven't changed! Yes, narrative!!

  4. ajay

    I know, but it does get confusing and tricky one that I was so sure of was wrong.

  5. Writeacher

    "how individual people felt and acted during that time "

    It's true that it could be written in an expository way, but more likely is that it would be told in a narrative. It's MUCH more interesting as a narrative!

  6. ajay

    I agree!!!

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