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I'm creating a "calculu for dummies" project book. I've already done most of it, I'm just stuck on these ones. Thank you!

-What is the definition of a derivative?
-What does the derivative of a function tell you (in english) ?
Then I need an example of the power rule, quotient rule, and chain rule.

-What information does the FIRST derivative tell you about a function?
-What information does the SECOND derivative tell you about a function?
-Information on min/max/POI

Antiderivatives (indefinite integrals)
-What is it?
-What is the power rule for anti derivatives
Then I need 2 examples.

-Applications- 2 application problems (1 physics, 1 other)

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    The anti-derivative of a function is the function whose derivative equals the original function.

    In google type:
    the power rule anti derivatives

    You can find many links about that

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