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What is the historical allusion?

For the last several months, Rebecca had been working with her team on raising money in her neighborhood to donate to the hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. They were having a competition with groups to see who could raise the most money in a year. She and her team thought of creative ways to earn money, other than the basic chores, car washes, and baby-sitting that other teams were doing. She and her team had become close, and they vowed that they would stick together.
A few months into the project, one of Rebecca’s team members stopped coming to the meetings and helping out. Soon, one of the other teams was using the same creative ideas for raising money as Rebecca’s team. Within days, Rebecca learned that this member had joined another team. She was disappointed and told her team that she now knew how Benedict Arnold’s troops felt.

is it B
a Benedict Arnold.
b local homeless shelter
c Katrina Relief Fund

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    It is not B.

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    is it c

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    it is b

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    dead ass which one is it

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